Psychedelic fantasy prints by Mat Miller

Mat Miller is a freelance illustrator based in Bristol, Mat has worked with a range of clients including skateboard, ski and wake board brands as well as publishing and advertising agencies. When he is not busy being a full time illustrator he finds time to produce these beautiful psychedelic prints.

Journeying Spirit Ermine

Land of the Sleeping Giant



Mat’s prints combine a wildly imaginative and rich fantasy world of animals and creatures, but also an intense and vivid use of colour. I love the delicate line work and bold, bright hues intermingled; something dreamlike about these make them a must have for any wall you want to brighten up and avoid the generic wall art.

Spectral Cat

Spirit Elephant
© All images copyright of Mat Miller

You can buy his work through his Etsy store, prices start at around £17 for an A4 sized print, and as a bonus all of the prints come signed by Mat himself. Check out his Instagram and Facebook to stay updated.