Nature inspired prints from The Paper Crane

We’re a really big fan of Redbubble for their huge selection of affordable prints,  and we love our most recent find, The Paper Crane. Rick Crane has produced some fabulous designs, mainly inspired by nature. From his profile:

“Most of my work is inspired by my greatest love – the natural world. Each design will contain at least one of the following; mountains, the sun, clouds, trees, birds, animals or something space related.”

Many lands under one sun print

Saguauro Sunrise

The tale of the whale

Free as a bird

Let's Go
© All images copyright of The Paper Crane

I really like the contrast of the pastels and neons against the dark backgrounds, think this makes for a really bold and interesting print. Rick is based near Frome in Somerset, a lovely town I’ve been lucky enough to visit. If you get a chance call in, lots of independent shops and a lot of art happening in the area.

The Paper Crane Collage

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