Smarter than the average bear – prints and earrings by Lucinda

Trawling through the internet a few weeks ago I was looking for some Etsy inspiration for a room that I’m about to decorate, I was looking for something bright and bold to go in a little office / cubby hole and I came across Lucinda’s designs on Etsy. I love the whole 80s / Memphis / Keith Haring inspired thing that has been going on in general, so I am a big fan of her bright and colourful prints and jewellery. I’ve been a big fan of Memphis patterns for a while (just saying), since discovering their link to the early MacPaint patterns but that’s another story.

I think these are great for a hand painted addition to your home.

Acrylic painting

Then I noticed some really cute animal prints, a little different to your average, perfect for a kids room or nursery.

Rabbit Illustration

Racoon Illustration

Giraffe Illustration
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Animal prints are £15 for A3 and £20 for the first painting.

I love seeing new artist’s trying different approaches, discover more of Lucinda’s work here, hoping we see more of her work in the future. Follow her Instagram for latest creations and check out her Etsy store.