Skylines and Comics with Warren Curry

We catch up with Warren Curry, an illustrator from Derry-Londonderry, currently based in Cheltenham. He has been with Lukbuk since we started in 2017 and gives us an insight into his world.

A large part of your previous work features architecture, how did your interest in architecture start?

My interest in architecture started when I discovered I enjoyed illustrating the backgrounds in illustrations more than drawing the characters. Illustrating architecture is enjoyable to me because I love how a random collection of buildings placed together can make up a recognisable city or place. The other thing I love about illustrating architecture is the fact that I can use any colour palette I like and the place I am illustrating is still immediately recognisable. I am always inspired by visiting new places and gathering ideas from the new architectural shape of the city.



Where would you visit for an inspirational day trip?

I love visiting Bristol. I think it’s a great city with a really inspiring and unique creative art and music scene.

London illustration

You’ve illustrated comics in the past and have a new illustrator book upcoming, tell us a little more of what it’s about?

This is another project that I am collaborating with my friend and writer James Trotter. The book will be 12 different stories about 12 different people through each month of the year. So the story will follow a new character each month and the amount of panels will match the amount of days in that month. When the first month is complete  we plan to post a panel a day for the full month to start hype and a create a bit of a following for this project.

Do you get involved in the writing too?

We are in constant communication and always giving feedback to one another but I think a collaboration is more fun when you give each other artistic freedom.

Warren Curry Photo


Are comics / graphic novels a recent thing or something you’ve had an interest in previously?

I have been reading and buying comics books since a was about 15. I would say that comic books are one of my main influences and part of the reason I decided I wanted to become an Illustrator. I have strayed away from superhero comics a little because of the recent influx of superhero films. I believe the genre has become a little over saturated. Image Comics are always publishing great books. Recently I have been loving Saga, Deadly Class and Kill Or Be Killed but my favourite comic book writer of all time has to be Jeff Lemire. Everyone needs to read Essex County and Underwater Welder.

Star Wars Illustration


Your new logo contains vinyl – what’s your favourite record?

I always go through phases of what my favourite record is so its hard to select just one. I can usually narrow it down to a top 3. Those being Incubus’ Morning View, Radiohead’s In Rainbows and Bon Iver’s For Emma, Forever Ago. These are 3 albums I really loved from different stages of my life and are albums I can always listen to from start to finish and never tire of them. I tend to spend the majority of my money on new records and graphic novels. Honourable mentions: Last Days of April’s Angel Youth, Kanye West’s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy and Frank Ocean’s Blonde.

Warren Curry Logo


What are your ambitions for 2018?

One of my main ambitions for this year is to finish this graphic novel, pitch it to publishers and hopefully succeed in getting it published. I also want to keep building my client list, networking, meeting new creatives and growing as a freelance Illustrator. I would also love to create a new range of make to sell prints and get involved in some Illustration fairs/markets.

Is there anything local to you that you would recommend to design lovers?

There are a few craft fairs around Plymouth/Bristol that are worth checking out. I always like going to Quit Your Day Job, Shake Bristol and Native Makers. All of these fairs are really diverse and are a good place to network, meet and support new independent artists. Outside of Plymouth/Bristol I think Pick Me Up London is great.

Finally, you mention you are a burger lover, tell us about your favourite burger restaurant?

My favourite burger restaurants would have to be Hubbox (Plymouth), Honest Burger (London) and Holee Cow (Cheltenham) I could eat burgers for the rest of my life and never complain.   


Thank you Warren! You are the first interviewee here at Lukbuk, so we hope to catch up with you again in the future to hear about what you’re working on! Plus we will be tapping you up for more burger recommendations soon.


Have a peek at more of his work here: