Lukbuk was launched in 2017 as a platform for discovering new art prints for the home. Whether you are an art lover, DIYer or interior design obsessive, welcome to Lukbuk. Lukbuk aims to provide some hidden gems from the UK creative market. You might find your next art print, that makes a guest ask 'where did you get that? I love it!', or you may find 'that' print that you will love for many years to come, moving with you from home to home and always finding a spot. Or you may have just come for the pretty pictures.

Lukbuk aims to bridge the gap between fashion, interior design, art and illustration magazines. I am a collector of prints, ornaments, trinkets, homewares, anything that makes my home feel like home. After moving around a huge amount over the last 15 years I've carefully curated my home accessories. I think it's important to find key pieces, sometimes these are from nationwide chains, bargain bins, one off luxuries, car boot sales or Pinterest loves, and of course the collection doesn't stop growing (I also love a good storage solution). Nothing makes a new place feel more homely than putting up your favourite pictures.

I'm a 30 something, originally from the Staffordshire Moorlands, but I've lived in Birmingham, London, Bedfordshire and now Cheshire. I've always had a love for art, starting as soon as I could pick up a pencil, that soon turned to a love of interior design, I designed own dream bedroom when I was about 7, complete with an optical illusion wall mural and a furry purple sunken seating area, sadly this vision was never achieved (not sure of right phrase). I am constantly on the hunt for trends, curiosities and the eclectic.

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